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Since releasing their eponymous debut album in 2010, London, UK based contemporary jazz trio Partikel have established themselves as a notable addition to the European creative music scene, known for their high-energy live performances and striking originality. Having spent 18 months performing new music across Europe while holding regular rehearsals, the band has gone into the studio and the result of this intense period ofmusic making is now documented on Cohesion, their latest release for Whirlwind Recordings. According to tenor saxophonist Duncan Eagles, “Most of the new songs that made it onto this album we have been playing in for a long time, developing it on the bandstand and rehearsal room, but the way we were playing this music a year ago is a world apart from how you will hear it on Cohesion.

 The sound palette displayed on Cohesion ranges from across the musical spectrum. “The three of us are always checking out what each other are listening to, as well as going out together to hear all kinds of different live music,” states Eagles. There are influences from North African and Latin American culture as well as more Western sounds from Jazz, Funk and Classical music, all held together with soulful melodies and a virtuosic band sound and energy. The unanimous declaration amongst the UK press as of late is that Partikel is one of the UK's hottest new prospects, and with the release of Cohesion the band surely proves themselves worthy of this praise